Thursday, September 10, 2015


She's two months now and I would like you all to just take a moment to behold this potato of deliciousness. I spend hours each day looking at her (her favorite position is on my lap, facing me, with my legs propped up behind her) and most of the time I'm giggling at her because all of her things are so round! Round eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks....and her face and head are getting rounder, although, until recently, Ken and I observed it was more like a rectangular block.  I do love me a chub baby; I spend a lot of time nibbling on them. And I mean, that poof of hair! 

This one started smiling early, earlier and more often than I remember Sloane doing at this age, and I already get the sense that she might be more of an extrovert than Sloane is. I remember Sloane would look at you with these ultra black and deep eyes and it was like she was staring into your soul. With Logan, it's more of a friendly 'hey how are you!'

 I spent the first six weeks of Logan's life nursing on a need basis, teaching her about nursing and sleeping and watching her so that I could get to know her and her cues. At about 7 weeks I could tell she was ready, so I started keeping track of all the feedings and naps and implementing the babywise method, which is what I did with Sloane with great success and it seems to be working well with Logan, too.

She's a good eater, chunked up fast and she seems to have an easy going personality, similar to when Sloane was a baby, but she needs more help falling asleep.  Sloane caught on with the whole napping thing real early and would just sleep when it was time to sleep.  But the pacifier works for Logan, so we've been using that to teach her how to fall asleep by herself.  She actually has no problem falling asleep when we are out and about, so I find myself enjoying running errands around her nap times.  Both of them have been easy babies to cart around and travel with, thank the Lord.  

Right now I'm working on getting used to pumping, helping Logan used to taking the bottle (which she is doing much better with than Sloane did), and staying awake enough during her middle of the night feedings to make sure she gets a full feeding. I'm nervous about what all of this is going to look like when I go back to work, but I've done it before I can do it what I'm telling myself.

Okay and because I'm obnoxious and I can't stop with these....

What she looks like up close (a month ago),

what she looks like in a hat (two weeks ago),

....and what she might look like if she had a mohawk (this past week).

And lastly,

You're welcome.


  1. oh the pure joy of the first few months. the wonder and awe and perfection.

  2. Oh I remember Sloane's deep stares as a baby! Logan is so chunky and adorable!
    She doesn't look like Sloane anymore to me! Except for the third picture where she's laying down, that looks like Sloane!