Thursday, September 3, 2015


This particular morning at the beach, we walked out on the sand to behold the water and it was all so calm and still and beautiful that it felt like we had walked into a painting. Sloane is starting to get (and love) the concept of waves and how fun they can be, and she is a huge fan of the sand, so visits to the beach are just getting better and better for all of us. We feel pretty darn lucky that we were able to go so often this summer when we didn't think we would make it at all! The Lu's love us some beach, even little Logan, who has been on the beach three times now in her short 7 week life. 

So we are back at home now, and don't ask me too many questions about this because I might go into a rant but I'm trying to stay positive and not dwell on the fact that we are still not settled in - the floors are done but the first floor is still a mess, the furniture is still not moved in, and we are eating our meals haphazardly in Sloane's room or standing up next to the kitchen - and it's absolutely irritating in so many ways but we are going with it because what else can you do? And trying to make upstairs living as fun and bearable as we can ("look Sloane, breakfast in your room!" "Heyy an indoor picnic), but oh boy am I ready to get back into the swing of things...especially because I'm a teensy bit anxious about getting back to work.  

As I was driving to my crossfit box last night (and blasting Kelly Clarkson's Catch My Breath) I thought about this new upcoming chapter in my life of having to now balance two kids with all the other grown up obligations of a job, career, pursuing an inner life, relationship with my husband and friends and paying my bills and so on....and I couldn't help wish I could compartmentalize things a little more, like, could I have two sets of my 20's? One where I have all the kids and get them past age five, and another where I have time to get some experience in my work and find a job that works for me? No? I have to do it all in one go? Alright, here is me sucking it up. I can do it because I have to, but also, I can't help realize that one area informs the other in a way that results in necessary growing pains, which results in character building and maturity and all that jazz, so here is me finding peace in least, trying to. 

Speaking of crossfit, I went back for my first workout since the baby this past Monday and it was quite the thrill. I couldn't wipe the big grin off my face when I walked out, it felt so dang good to be working out again...but then the next morning and the day after that, I really paid for it with sore muscles. I looked absolutely ridiculous trying to walk, it was that bad, but I didnt mind all too much because it just means I'm back in the game!

Now for some photos of a serene morning at the beach. It's inevitable how after a morning this, you start thinking of ways that you can and probably should live near the ocean. 


  1. i dont know if i could possibly love this more than i do