Tuesday, August 25, 2015


As a new mother of two, I've been learning some important things.

Such as, backpacks are the best thing to use as a 'diaper' bag. With Sloane, I didn't even do a diaper bag, I just threw a few diapers and wipes in my purse. But now with a toddler and infant, I feel the need to be extra prepared. My bag now includes the usual diapers and wipes, but also an extra change (or two) of clothes for both kids, plastic bags, snacks, water, sunblock, bug spray, both my and Sloane's sunglasses, and then my wallet, keys and phone. I have found the perfect bag for this is the Everlane backpack - it is my favorite thing to carry these days.

Also, preferably always have an extra set of hands helping you, but if that isn't available, go out anyways. The baby loves sleeping on the go and the toddler loves adventure.

Also, having a pad and pencil or crayons on hand at any given moment is good way to kill time, distract and inspire. 

Also, take photos. They really help contribute to the sense of accomplishment from a day that flies by filled with activities and to-do lists. 

Coffee, is of course, an absolute must. 

So we went to go visit Museum of Contemporary Art here the other day....and walked in to learn that their exhibits were closed...womp womp. We made the most of it and whipped out the sketch pads and crayons I had packed up in my preparedness backpack and went in search of inspiration. They had this Chihuly glass sculpture up, so we plopped ourselves down in front of it and went to work. 

That face! And note the "cell phone" that is never too far away - she talks on it to friends and family and also imaginary friends. She also looks at pretend photos on it...

After we did several interpretations of what we saw in the glass sculpture, we went off to explore some more. There were a couple of smaller exhibits to the side that we wandered through, and I got so excited to contemplate art with her: "Look Sloane! Ooh Sloane, look at that! Hey do you see that there?"

After a while, Sloane looked at me and said, "Moom, you don't have to tell me to look every time. I can look by myself!"

Sloane, the teenager. 

We ended our trip by settling ourselves in the lobby area where they had trees growing inside pots, which were lined up in rows and covered in little lights. Sloane did several renditions of these trees on her sketchpad with my mother in law while I nursed Logan...that's a major perk of museums, there are plenty of benches to settle down on and even nursing feels easy because there aren't usually a ton of people. I think it's safe to say we left inspired and I can't wait to take her to some more art museums now that she can "look by herself"..!


  1. i love how you find something thrilling everywhere you go, you have such an artist's heart

  2. It is aspecial education period for sloane.