Monday, August 3, 2015


Can we deal with a few more photos of people holding a tiny babe? I hope so....'cause here they come!

I am a little bit heartsick thinking about how this time inevitably must come to an end: how Logan will not stay this tiny for long, how my parents will go back to Korea, how Ken will go back to work, and how I will need to send Logan off to daycare to go back to work. These days are a precious time, and I know it, which I guess takes the sting away a little bit? Knowing that this is temporary, that it's gold, that I'm appreciating it as much as I possibly can...

My parents have been here for a few weeks now and they are an absolute Godsend - there is nothing like having a toddler and newborn to fully appreciate extra sets of hands, especially if they are hands that are experienced, familiar, wise and will have good conversation with you over coffee. Both my sisters and their guys came down a few weekend ago, to see my parents, and also for my birthday, and also to meet Logan. We spent the day on Saturday catching up over kebabs and summer salads, and cooing over baby. Some of us worked out in the garage (not me), some of us watched "The Butler" (what I saw of it was really good...that Forest Whitaker!), and we ended the day off with another meal at home, birthday cake and some board games. The next day, we went to Perly's for breakfast and I got my birthday breakfast wish: a large fish board with smoked fish and pickled vegetables - it was huge and I pretty much ate the entire thing myself, washing it down with black coffee. Surrounded by my family, my newborn daughter, and good was exactly how I wanted to be ushered into 32.

Fact: it's really hard to hold a newborn up for photos. They are extremely floppy.

P.S. When my family met Sloane, three years ago! for comparison. What do you think, does Logan look like Sloane?

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  1. I had such a good time celebrating your birthday with the fam. love you!