Tuesday, July 28, 2015


A week after Logan was born, Ken's mom, grandmother and sister came up from Virginia Beach to visit us as new family of four.  Over the years, Ken's family has felt more and more like my own and I think it became more the case as we shared the experience of watching Sloane grow up together in recent years.  Welcoming a new addition is wonderful in that way, it strengthens family ties and binds everyone closer together in the loving of a tiny being.  

Before we met Logan, it was hard to imagine what it would feel like to have two kids - would our love for Sloane need to diminish in order to give some to the second one?  People told me that the love multiplies and that there is a sort of magic in how that happens, and now I see how true that is, and also how humbling it is, to realize that my capacity for love is not dependent on how much I have to give but on the nature of love itself, with its ability to multiply and give without measure or calculation.  

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  1. Christine, Logan is SO CUTE!
    love your little family! Hope you're resting well and spending quality time with your family!!