Tuesday, June 30, 2015


It was around the end of May that I found myself constantly doing double takes as I interacted with Sloane. She suddenly looked different, and was acting in such a way that seemed so entirely her own. It was as if a new, older version of Sloane had come and replaced the toddler version. Raising a baby is exciting because the changes happen so quickly, almost miraculously, but I'm finding this time is particularly special because you can actually see this bright spirit that is emerging from the baby you raised, who is entirely her own being separate from you, and you can't help but be in awe. It makes my heart soar and ache at the time same. 

June 4
"Good night mommy (gives me a kiss)
Good night Rusty (gives rusty a kiss)
....Mom, may I give you one more kiss?"

June 5 
"When I grow up and up, may I have pink nail polish on my toe nails just like you?"

June 8
"Mom, Jesus loves Rusty."

June 10
In the middle of a conversation, "Mom, wait hold on someone is calling... (picks up her pretend phone) Hello? I'm telling my mom a story, I'll call you back."
"Who was that Sloane"
"Oh that was just Dora "

June 11
"I LOVE mermaids."
"Because.....they always swim" 

June 14
"Mom, when I sing, don't laugh" 
(This is probably due to the fact that Ken and I can't help laughing every time we hear her sing along to a song. It's so cute.)

June 16

Once in a while, I'll catch her quietly staring off into the distance, and every time I have asked her what she's thinking about this past month, her answer: "Kitty cats."

June 18
A phone conversation with Sloane:
M: Hello? 
S: Mom, I bonked my ehgi ("baby" in Korean) finger 
M: Oh no, what happened ? 
S: I just hugging rusty and then I fell and my finger got bonked
M: Did papa kiss it?
S: No....
M: Well, what's papa doing right now? (In the background I hear, "it's a flying watermelon!")
M: Are you eating watermelons?
S: Yes!
M: How was school today?
S: Ummm...it was good but we didn't go outside today. It was too hot.  But we are going to do water balloons now because Elijah and Os are coming to our house
M: Ok, I'm coming home now too! 
S: Ok.. (Then I hear her say to ken) papa? Can you kiss my finger?..... Mom, we are going outside now!
M: See you soon Sloane, bye!
S: Bye!

June 20
I was laying down because my back hurt. She clambered onto the bed and said, "Mom you need a story? And then a song and a cuddle?" I said oh yes please. She proceeded to tell me a story: "one day, there was a lion, and he was walking along when he saw a big bad wolf. Then the lion ATE the big bad wolf!!!! 

June 22
"I don't want to cuddle... because I want to fall asleep by myself."
This was a complete surprise because she always wants to cuddle and begs for a few more minutes of cuddling, but she must have had a couple of nights where she wanted to fall asleep by herself.  She was back to wanting cuddles a few nights later. Last night I heard her calling out for me and when I peeped back in, she said, "Mom, I just need a little more cuddle." 

June 24
"Mom, when i get bigger and bigger and become a grownup, may I wear your shoes? And eat spicy soup?"

June 25
"Sloane, do you feel okay?" She was looking tired and sniffling. 
"No, I don't feel good." 
"Oh no, what's wrong?"
"I don't know...but mom, maybe a popsicle will help me feel better." 

June 28
"When my baby sister comes out, I'm going to teach her how to dance!"


  1. "I don't want to cuddle, i want to fall sleep by myself."
    She is really growing.

  2. She is in deep thought in The last photo.