Thursday, June 4, 2015


(photo right after strawberry picking; note the strawberry stained hands, lips, cheeks, shirt....)

May 2
"Mom, come here and sit down. I want to tell you a story about God loves us.....(I come over and sit down.) ...God made us, and he made this table, and the sofa and this and this and this and that...God made you and me and papa....and plates and this apron and stairs. God made the trees and everything! OK?"

May 3
"When I grow up I'm going to drink gin."
(This is after I told her the gin in our bar is just for grown ups.)

May 4
"I'm just cranky because I'm hungry"

May 5
One morning, she whispered in my ear: "Mom when it's your birthday, I'm going to give you a present and a Cookie Monster balloon. "

May 8
"Mom, today lets pretend you're the kid and I'm the grown up"

May 15
"When I get bigger and bigger you can't pick me up anymore.
And when I get bigger and bigger I don't have to sit in the car seat anymore.
And when I get bigger and bigger I'm going to have a husband !"

May 16
While snuggling with her the next  morning, I asked her, "Sloane, you are going to get bigger and bigger, but can you grow up slowly?
"Ok, mommy."

May 18
We went go visit the cats and dogs at the SPCA- later at home she was playing pretend and said "Mom, I need to go visit the dogs and kitty cats at A, B, C, D, E, F, time won't you sing with me! We have to go there." 

May 19
"Mom sometimes I'm sad at school because I miss you, and sometimes I'm sad at school because I wuv you!"

May 24
 "Mom, don't let me fall in the toilet!"

May 26
In the car one day:"Mom I don't want talking right now, just shhhhh"  Which is unusual, because usually it's "mom, talk to me!" It lasted all of 5 min before she yelled out, "hey look, the clouds are moving!"

May 27
"Mom don't get your sunglasses wet! Take them off, and then after the lake you can put them back on again.....If you don't want to get them wet, you need to take them off right now." 

May 28
While driving in the car with the windows down, she pretended to grab at the trees, wind and clouds outside. "Hey mom, I'm eating broccoli trees! And then I'm eating some clouds and some grass and maybe some leaves, too...... Oh, I am so full!"

May 30 
Me: "I'm sorry I have to work while I'm at home tonight, Sloane"
Sloane: "I'm sorry I disobeyed you today mom."

May 31
"Mom, I want a horsie to be in our house!"
"I think a horse is too big to live in our house, honey"
"I'm going to ask my person if I can have a horsie."
"Your person? Who is your person?"
"Her name is ....Chasey and I will say to her, "May I have a horsie?" And then she will give me one!"
"Hmmm..well, where will it stay?"
"It can stay in the back of our house."
"And what will it eat?"
"I'm going to buy rice and chicken and chicken nuggets for the horse to eat. And the horse will say, neigh!....And it's not a brown one its a white horse!"

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  1. gosh, is this real?? I LOVE reading what Sloane says, it blows me away!