Wednesday, June 17, 2015


After weeks of busy weekends, I finally made it to the South of the James farmers market a couple of weekends ago....and took my favorite pal of late.

Before we left, I took that first picture of her up there and then she wanted to take a picture of me too, so that is her handiwork in this second photo here. I don't think she meant to cut off my head but I kind of love how this photo captures the belly.   And speaking of photos, sometimes I'll catch her using her "phone" (an old broken iPod that we let her carry around) to take pictures of her animals that she lines up. "Okay, ready?" she'll ask her stuffed animals, and after clicking some imaginary buttons (I guess to find the camera app), she'll turn the phone horizontal to fit them all in and click.

It was great fun to peruse the market together. This little girl really feels more like a companion these days and less like a baby I have to take care of, especially because of all the conversations we are able to have. We walked hand in hand, investigating the vegetables, checking out all the dogs and people watching. We got some snacks from a bakery stand (Dalkohm!) and found a place to sit while we ate and talked. I love these moments that I am able to have with her and savor them like the feasts that they are. 

Later that morning, got to meet up with some friends - some that came down from up north and some that are local - including new babies we hadn't met before. Sloane was in heaven with all the babies and friends that she got to hang out with that day.

The girls hanging out in Sloane's room later that afternoon.

Between the four families, there were six babes (seven if we count the one in my belly!).  The awe and wonder that I feel as I behold a growing family... will never get old.

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