Sunday, June 7, 2015


The closer it gets, the more that this upcoming transition from a family of three to four seems... colossal. As in it's-hard-to-wrap-my-mind-around-it huge. As in, are we really doing this? and is everything going to be okay? huge.  I've been thinking about it and I end up doing a lot of hoping. I hope that I'm a good mother to two. I hope the love and respect that Ken and I have for each other grow that much more because of how we parent two. I hope we have a lot of patience and grace towards each other. I hope Sloane falls in love with her sister.  I hope Sloane feels proud to be an older sister and that she still feels loved enough by us. I really hope for wisdom and ...sleep. I hope that we can manage, I hope that I don't lose myself,  I hope that when the baby comes, we all hold each other and can't believe how lucky we are.

In the spirit of that kind of hoping and in a sort of celebration for how amazing it has been to become a wife, mother and still remain myself, we got together one warm evening in Church Hill and took these photos with Kate of Betty Clicker, who by the way, is just wonderful. 


  1. i love these pictures so much!
    so excited to meet the new baby!

  2. i love your dress!!! where is it from? and the ones of sloane kissing your belly kill me