Monday, June 22, 2015


On the way back home from our little road trip a few weeks ago, we got off the highway and drove 30 minutes off the main road through luscious trees and small town roads into the valley to find ourselves a cherry orchard. All of it was dreamy- the hot steamy air, the dense forests, and the incredible views of the valley when we finally arrived. We all sort of gasped a little when we saw the rows and rows of trees filled with red jewels, it seemed too good to be true. We got to work, picking and eating as we went and when we were done we left that place feeling a little bit like we had dreamed it all up.  

Kitty cat watched all the action from a branch...

An 8 month old belly!

The dark red ones are the best ones. Man these cherries were luscious...

Counting how many cherries she collected so far.

Me and my little cherry picker. 

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  1. it does seem like a little dream with your little dreamers.