Monday, May 11, 2015


I slept hard as a rock last night and by that I mean that I might as well have been a rock for how deeply I was in slumber and for how I felt when I woke up. Rocks don't sleep but I imagine they'd be pretty hard (heh) to wake up if they did. 

Oh the cruelty that is Monday morning! 

Whenever we go down to Virginia Beach, which has recently been almost once a month, Sloane gets really excited, "I so excited!" she will say.  We spent Mother's Day weekend with Ken's family this past weekend and I felt all sorts of lucky - for the way I feel supported as a mother by Ken's family, for the mothering that I get from my MIL, and for how much Sloane loves her relatives and how much they love her back.

You guys, the fruit picking seasons is upon us and I am revving up my engines. Strawberry picking is up first, and then we have cherries and peach (neither of which I have picked before), and maybe some blueberries (although last year's experience wasn't the greatest), grapes, and then bringing up the rear in the fall is apples, probably my favorite. All of it makes me happy. 

Sloane, fellow fruit lover, is likewise enthused. We went out to a farm to find us some strawberries on Saturday and although the field had been pretty much picked through by the time we got there, we put in a good hour of work and got what we came for. I shouldn't have been surprised but Sloane took to it right away - the strawberries were easily accessible and once she was informed that only the reddest of berries should be plucked, you should have seen her go. She was a natural, plucking away and plopping them in her bucket with great satisfaction. She didn't try to each all of them like last year, but would work for a while before squatting next to her bucket and asking, "maybe we eat some now?"

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