Monday, May 18, 2015



Guess what? We went strawberry picking again and my fruit picking obsession was duly rewarded- Mt. Olympus Berry Farm had rows and rows of huge, plump, and delicious strawberries last weekend ready for the picking and we picked and ate to our heart's content, evidenced by stained hands and clothes bloodied by ripe strawberries. Our friends the Agabas joined us for the morning romp and the babes were a sweaty sticky mess by the time we left, with just the right amount of exhaustion for a long afternoon nap.

The weekdays are going by slow for me these days, did I mention? And my body always seems to be begging for a midday nap around 2pm, which doesn't happen because I'm sitting at a computer at work, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day (even with all the extra sunlight; but thank goodness for that at least). But there was something so soothing about heading out to a farm that Saturday morning, and loitering about the barn and field next to the lake there, letting the sun stream into every crevice of my body, and getting lost in the physical labor of eyeing and plucking ripe strawberries, which made the work week feel eons away and relaxed me down to a quiet that is so necessary for taking pleasure in the simple things.

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  1. oh man i loved this day. those pics of the girls romping around are perfect