Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Sometimes a slow meandering walk through the park on a beautiful day is exactly what you need. 

I had to work this past weekend but on Monday I cleared my schedule and was intentional about going slow. In the afternoon, Ken, Sloane, Rusty and I took a stroll around the lake at Deep Run Park with no other intention except just to walk together - and sometimes that's the best kind of a walk. I took photos with my camera but I also gathered a store of mental images that I keep coming back to: the lushness of the greens, the variety of leaf shapes, the patterns that the shadow of branches and leaves on the ground made in contrast with the bright sunshine, the glitter on the lake water, and Sloane's feet as they walked as fast as possible to keep up with Ken and Rusty.

We passed a bush of the most glorious smelling honeysuckles and here is Ken trying to remember how to suck the honey out of them.  These remind me so much of my childhood!

Sloane loves helping walk Rusty by holding the end of his leash. They walked like this the entire time!

We stopped by a gazebo for a break and to snack on a few cherries.  

Cherries are soooo good right now!


  1. I remember honeysuckles!!
    Family walks are the best.

  2. I like Sloane's watermelon dress very much