Thursday, May 28, 2015


Popsicles! Sloane had her first Popsicle from King of Pops the other day and the precision and joy with which she polished it off was truly impressive. I love knowing that King of Pops Popsicles is made with the good stuff and with that same kind of motivation I decided to start whipping up batches of Popsicles at home so I know exactly what goes in them. I started with what I think is probably the easiest version - yogurt fruit Popsicles! All you do is mix some vanilla yogurt with chunks of fruit and pour it into the mold. I like that these could also double as a breakfast bar because of the yogurt ;) 

The ones pictured here was our first batch and I didn't mix the fruit and yogurt together which is why they look layered, but I think mixing it all up is the way to go. 

Sloane loved these!

The next popsicles I want to try are:
-just plain old pureed fruit bars,
honeydew popsicles reminiscent of Melona bars!
- and popsicle versions of the green juice or green smoothies that we make all the time.

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  1. your homemade popsicles sounds delicious and healthy! much better than how I use to make it when I was younger.
    Sloane is getting sooo big now!