Thursday, April 23, 2015


I cannot express enough how much seeing all the green on the trees and noticing the bright flowers in bloom is doing for this wrinkled soul of mine. I didn't even realize how wrinkled, until I can feel it unravel, stretch and straighten out every time it meets a warm spring breeze.

At church on Sunday, I watched the leaves blow in the wind and sun flirting with the trees outside the window during the sermon and that almost did as much for me as the message.

There have been colder days, and the mornings are still brisk, but then there are days like last Saturday, where it is so warm you need to be barefoot somewhere outside and ice cream cones are an absolute necessity.  We did both those things, starting with our first ice cream cone of the year, and then going on a long, long walk, and then dipping those bare feet into icy cold river water. Our sun-drenched bodies slept well that night..

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  1. You are so blessed to have such a place nearby.