Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Feb 5
"What are you doing mommy deer?" (as in the animal, the deer)
"I'm driving...what are you doing, baby deer?"
"Oh, I'm just watching the stars and moon in the sky"
After a few moments of gazing out the window, "Hey mom, the stars are going 'twinkie twinkie'!!"

Feb 8
"What you feel mom?" (For how do you feel?) 

Feb 9
While Sloane and her stuffed sheep are waiting for their breakfast:
"Mom, ba sheep is just a little bit sad"
"Because she is hungry."
"Food is almost ready!" 
She pats the sheep reassuringly and I hear her whisper to the sheep, "its okay.."

Feb 10
"Sloane, do you want to say hello to the baby?" 
"Yes," she smiled, and says "hi!" to my belly.
And then, "Mommy, do you want to say hi to my baby?" patting her own belly. 
After I say hello, she says, "My baby is moving! It's drinking milk"

Feb 11
I love the way she says her name right now: "Swoane"

Feb 12
She was being especially whiny this morning, and I said Sloane, you are not obeying mom.  She started crying and said, "I'm sorry." And then she says, " I want to tell daddy... I want to tell daddy that I didn't obey." 

Feb 13
The subject of babies came up and I said, "Your sister is in mom's belly and she's growing and growing." And she said, "No mommy my sister is in MY belly!" And then she went on to tell this detailed story about how after her baby sister came out of her belly she drove her to the playground and then they were having a good time and then all these animals started coming over - kitty cats, doggies, lions, rabbits.. And all of them were soft.  And the baby sister wasn't afraid of the lion. 

Feb 14
"Mom, I hugged puppy and my heart melted! 
....And then my heart came back"

Feb 15
While observing the bird poop on the window, "Mom, the bird poop is still there! Don't eat it, it's yucky."
A few minutes later I hear her say to herself, "Birds don't have toilets."

Feb 16
Out of the blue:
"Mom I'm pretty." And then, "I'm not scared of dinosaurs!"

Feb 18
"Mom those pants are comter-ful! (comfortable)"

Feb 20 
I peeked into her room one morning when I hadn't heard from her and found her standing up next to her bed, gazing up at the wall of her art work and studying each one carefully.  

Feb 21
As we pull out of the driveway, "Be careful mom....Watch out for the car !"

Feb 22
The way she says "hello" on her pretend phone just kills me everytime: "Heddo?"

Feb 24
"Mom, June is my friend. I love her. June cried today. And I said, it's okay june."
"Oh honey that was nice. What about you, did you cry today?"
"No", she sys quickly, "I'm a big girl."
But a few moments later,
"Mom I cried last week."
"Because I wanted mommy and daddy.."

Feb 26
During bedtime, we sang "Silent Night" together and she interrupted every few minutes to ask, "Mom what's holy?....What's tender mean?.....What's peace mean?"


  1. Oh,,dear! How would you explain 'holy,' or peace'?

  2. each and everyone is delightful. Oh i love how you share these tidbits, it makes me feel I spent time with you guys too. As for the bird poop comment, Sloane and I had an in-depth conversation about this in the car. what a learner she is!

  3. are these from your line a day journal? i love the idea of posting them, so sweet