Wednesday, March 25, 2015


You know that type of friend who you could call at any time to help get you out of an embarrassing or awful situation and know that she will have your back? 

My friend Caroline is that type of friend;  she has this laid back but super caring nature about her that is irresistable.  I have known her since high school and she has always been free-spirited, really smart, hard-working, creative, funny, adventurous and caring, and in recent years I've been able to see how all that plays out in her relationship with this great guy that she is about to marry in a few weeks..!!
That's the benefit of knowing someone for a while, there is great comfort in knowing that the other person has seen you through a bunch of changes already and will accept you no matter what. We've been awkward together in high school, passed notes in class, held on to each other when a good and true friend really mattered back in those high school days, ate our body weight in twizzlers, sang a lot of songs side by side (even in a couple of musicals), drove too fast, and reassured each other when we were feeling the crummiest. When we reunited back in Richmond, we explored the city together, became the kind of young adults that meet at wine bars and talk about how stressful it was to grow up, and then eventually meet each other's husbands to be and had meaningful talks about serious relationships and buying houses and having babies. 

I am so happy for her and really excited about the wedding, and we decided to work out some of this excitement by getting some of the girls together for a sort of friends of the bride a spa! Where else? To be honest original plans were for a big day of vineyard touring and wine tasting, but turns out three (THREE!) of the ladies are pregnant so..... to the spa it was! 

We celebrated at Scents of Serenity Organic Spa which was a great space to relax and get pampered. It felt like too short of a time but all the more reason to do it again.  These photos of us are after our respective massages, wraps and facials so if we are looking extra glowy and relaxed, that's why. 

We love you Caroline!


  1. May God blee your friendship!
    Congratulations on your wedding from all my heart, Caroline!,

  2. AW! and LOL on those stories... What a cute post that warms my heart on this rainy chilly day. Makes me feel all the more lucky to have a friend like you Christine. Love you!