Friday, March 13, 2015


When Ken really loves something, he is all in. 

This is almost always awesome, until it isn't. Like let's say, if it turns into an obsession and he fixates and can't focus on anything else. But usually it's awesome, and something to be marveled at. 

Maybe because of the force behind it, his passion almost always means that he has this ability to turn what he loves into a super skill. 

I saw him do that with coaching volleyball.

I see him do that with Crossfit.

And I see him doing that now with being a husband and a father. 
Because he loves being a husband and father, and because he loves us so much, I see his abilities and love for us growing into a sort of super power.  Does being a good listener, being patient, being responsible, contributing around the house, willing to change, showing affection, showing humility, spending quality time, and being a hard worker make you some sort of super hero?

I would say so. 

Happy Birthday Ken, you are my anchor, and I love you!


  1. happy birthday K. i think its a super here power all right.

  2. You have got such a wisdom to believe in him.
    Happy Birthday, Ken!