Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I LOVE that it's April! April means Easter, spring, warmer winds, a wedding and budding flowers and trees. April means one more month closer to certain babies that will be born soon, and the anticipation of new life along with these whiffs of spring all feels so right and exciting.

 My sweet friend Amanda is expecting her first soon and we were all thrilled that and was able to fly in from Memphis so we could throw a baby shower for her and see her baby bump in action. Ever since Amanda had to move away, I've missed her and I'm always secretly hoping her and her husband will move back but things seem to be falling into place for them there at the moment and I couldn't be happier that their next phase of life includes a little baby. 

Ever since I became a mom and the longer that I am a mom,  I find myself having a whole new appreciation for what these baby showers embody and remind me of. Especially with the group of ladies and moms that I have right now, I end up feeling incredibly grateful that I have this community of support. Whether they are moms or not, the women in my life are amazing and I learn so much from them. 

Now for this wall. I was originally going to try kale, because I have this dream of a wall covered in kale, but I tried a couple of test runs and turns out kale is a little too heavy for mere tape and I'm going to have to do a little more experimenting, which I will don't you worry, but in the meanwhile, I came across Palm leaves at the local Kroger (for $4 per bunch) and they were perfect for this project. They are lightweight, lay flat and stayed on the wall with tape. I originally tried washi tape but it wasn't strong enough and scotch tape worked much better. This is probably one of my favorite photo backdrop projects because it was so cost efficient ($14 including the cost of tape) and the effect is dramatic and fresh. 

Two baby bumps...three baby bumps!! 

Happy shower Amanda, we love you! 


  1. what a creative idea to welcome a new baby as the Palm Sunday.

  2. I love your wall idea!
    Your creativity is inspiring!