Friday, February 20, 2015


So here we are, 5 months! half-way! I have decidedly and fully moved into the land of no-pants.  All of my fingers are tingling ready to get all my winter clothes packed already, but this weather is not letting up, and in fact, there was a big temperature plunge this past week, but that doesn't mean I won't keep checking the 10-day forecast in hope of that sniff of spring.

 5 month pregnancy notes:

  • The bump is fully out and it's growing bigger everyday. I'm feeling large, folks. I got my first, "heyyy, are you pregnant?" last week, which means I'm showing enough that people don't feel awkward about asking. Or they do, but this person asked anyways.  Which I totally don't mind by the way. Better that they assume I'm pregnant than wonder if my plan for fattening up, aka, insulating for winter has gone exclusively to my belly.
  • I'm feeling good, and the fogginess and exhaustion of the first trimester feels like a long, long time ago. Thank God.
  • I can feel the babe moving around, A LOT.  It feels like flutters and somersaults, and occasionally, a little kick. 
  • Sloane still maintains she also has a baby in her belly. 
  • I still crave green juice and salads (the other day I drank a giant glass of green juice while standing over a pan full of broccoli on the stove and ate almost all of the broccoli, straight from the pan), oh and green smoothies is now also a thing, but I also want pie. A lot of pie. I'm starting to make a dent in my wallet with visits to Proper Pie.  I've also had much more of a hankering for spicy foods that I did last time: spicy drunken noodles, dukbokgi (a korean dish) and jalapeno cheddar cheetos have a special place in my heart. 
  • Reason # 101 of why I'm itching for it to get warmer is so that I can go on more walks; I vaguely remember going on a lot of walks during my first pregnancy and liking it. 
  • Ken and I wonder what it's going to be like with two kids: getting excited about a sibling for Sloane, trying not to get too worried about finances, and speculating about this one's personality. 
  • I am really eager to meet this baby. I would like it to be sooner than later please, but we all know it doesn't quite work that way....5 more months to go!

(this pregnancy at: 3 months, 4 months)

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