Wednesday, February 18, 2015


 I tend to be a total grinch when it comes to the snow (especially in my older age) because 1) it's cold, 2) I hate driving in the snow, and 3) I resent how it always snows here just enough to put a huge damper on commutes and plans but not enough to close work 

But goodness gracious, the squeal of delight that comes out of my child when she sees the snow? The giddy laughter that continues on and on as she makes her way through the snow and falls every two feet because of how deep the snow is? It somehow makes it worth it. 

This past snowfall actually warranted a snow day, which I can't remember the last time that happened, and I tried to take full advantage of an unexpected day at home. Truly, I could do with one of these every once in a while. 

I took a mid morning bath, we spent some time outdoors, I colored and drew with my daughter, we made green smoothies and ate lunch together, I took that hour and a half during her nap to sit and do nothing else except sip on a cup of decaf coffee and read through 'Department of Speculation', I cleaned out her closet, we 'helped' papa shovel the driveway, I made dinner, we had dinner together, I organized and sorted Sloane's toys, I made plans for the laundry room, I did some research, and finished the last chapter of 'An Altar in the World' over a cup of tea. 

I love these pictures of Ken and Sloane playing in the snow. Ken kept dumping snow on her, she would laugh hysterically as she tried to get away, and then tried to get him back with her tiny fistfuls of snow.

And this is her face of not wanting to come back in from the snow, and finally conceding after I promised that the snow would be around later in the afternoon for us to play in again: 


  1. ahhhhh delightful!!!! Snow angels are the bEST!

  2. i love this and i loved the snow day too! Eden keeps exclaiming 'hnooooo' which is snow in her world.

  3. I can imagine her squealing!
    I miss her squeals!
    So wonderful you guys had a day off to relax!

  4. Oh, my, this much of snow in Richmond is not common.
    It is wonderful to have unusual family time.
    Sloane looks having fun so much.