Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It's tough trying to keep the holiday spirit alive and soaring when the cold and busy of the season threaten to suffocate it. So far, I'd say it's an even 1-1... the winter hasn't totally beaten the cheer out of me, but somedays (especially on the weekdays) it gets close...

At the beginning of this month, I resolved to take initiative about keeping the festivity alive this month, all month, so that Christmas doesn't come and leave on a single day. Especially with a curious and excitable two-year old around, I wanted to take practice and adopt traditions for our little family during this season. We got our Christmas tree earlier than usual, and I made a list of 12 things that I hoped we could do this month.  We got through half of these so far, the most recent of them being making some gingerbread cookies to decorate. 

Here's my list for this year:

  • Get a Christmas tree and decorate it
  • Sing Christmas carols and hymns together
  • Go look at Christmas lights
  • Make an ornament to add to the Christmas tree
  • Read stories that relay the meaning of Christmas
  • Listen and dance around the house to the Nutcracker
  • Help my daughter pick out a small gift from her for her dad
  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Dress up and take a family photo
  • Drink hot cocoa and make paper snowflakes to string up
  • Pick out a gift with my daughter to donate a child who might not otherwise get a gift this year
  • Make gingerbread cookies

I used this gingerbread cookie recipe, and substituted the ground clover for allspice. It was an easy dough to work with and yielded some sturdy gingerbread people that delighted Sloane to the core...cookies shaped like people!

She felt inspired by these teaspoons to start drumming...

I like the addition of some lemon zest in these cookies!

she is SUCH a good helper

dad came down after the cookies were cooled off and helped her decorate the cookies

so happy!

We really liked making these gingerbread people! Next year, I have plans to make ornaments out of these and string some up on our tree. 

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