Thursday, November 20, 2014


I found myself looking forward to Christmas much earlier than usual this year. I think it's because I need some reassurance that living through this cold and darkness is going to be worth it, and what better holiday to cast all sorts of unrealistic expectations on than Christmas! 

The likelihood that I will get to much holiday decorating is slim, but you never know. I'm letting myself get inspired by all sorts of lovely things - spice cake, homemade advent calendars, garlands, gingerbread cookies, simple wreaths!- and regardless of whatever happens, at least I have some inspiration in my heart. 

you can see the sources of these photos and some more pins on my pinterest board here.


  1. that cake is everything

    SO beautiful

  2. Each picture is inspiring. I am already in the mood.

  3. That 2nd picture looks like hanging bikini bottoms