Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I have a thing for farmers markets.  I have even more of a thing for it when my mom and daughter are going with me. All three of us can't get enough of a good market, so we were positively gleeful about spending Saturday morning roaming the South of the James market. 

If you happen to be one and a half feet tall, 38 inches to be exact (exact being a loose operative word)(and I know this because I laid her down on the floor one time and measured her with a tape measure. she looked confused but she went with it), you are at the appropriate height to get the best views of all the dogs that come to the market, and there are many. That was probably her favorite thing about the morning, that and getting to sample the fruit from different vendors. She pointed out every dog and begged to be allowed to pet them, "I touch them?" she would implore. 

And Sloane joyfully petting the baby goat was enough to make me consider getting a baby goat as pet. Watch out rusty! 

My mom has this enthusiasm for fresh vegetables and fruit that can be likened to an art critic's enthusiasm for a masterfully painted piece. It feels like a real treasure hunt, walking around the market with her. 'Look at that glorious eggplant!', we'll shout, and think of what we'll do with it (eggplant lasagna). And I can't help thinking, seeing the colors and abundance and feeling the warm morning air, that summer wins. 


And later that afternoon, after a nap, the girls ventured out again. This time to Cary Town and we stayed long enough to each finish a smoothie and get smothered in sun beams.

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