Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A thing that is making me supremely happy these days: the tub of perfectly ripe watermelon sitting in my fridge. Ken has been really upping his watermelon-selecting game this summer. He is at about 5 for 1 at this point, and I'm really impressed.  "You did it again!" I yelled yesterday as I cracked into a giant watermelon to reveal a smooth surface of red and ripe goodness. 

Just for the record, and because I had a sort of tough day at work today, let me list a few other things that got me feeling happy these past couple of days:

+ Working out at the crossfit gym and in our garage gym. All that sweating and pushing myself and getting stronger and being aware of what my body can do? Love it. Love it even more that I can do it with Ken.
+ Scooping up my daughter in the mornings and having her be so happy to see me. It's like a reset button every morning.
Freshly vacuumed carpet. I was that lady wife who eyeballed her husband real good because he looked so sexy vacuuming all of the carpet this past weekend. 
+ Having kinda conversations with Sloane. Ohhhhh you guys, it's the best. More on this later. 
+ Friends visiting us... like this past weekend! And going to the river. Finally.  

I've been trying to get us over to the river for months now, and we finally did it, with our friends in tow. These friends of ours also have an adorable two-ish year old and the grownups had the best time watching the kids having the best time.  Sloane has talked about how she went to the 'water' and played with Jameson everyday so far since. 

Texas Beach is probably my favorite river spot. It's a sort of hike to get there and there are stairs and some mud spots and such, but it is lush and green and gorgeous. 

These two. 

And these two! 

This little gentlemen found his way to the ladies and was showing off his alphabet skills.

Hey Texas Beach, we'll be back...especially if Sloane has anything to say about it! 


  1. It is a perfect place in summer afternoon, especially old tree shades.

  2. way to emphatically cross one off the bucket list!

  3. also your floral pantaloons are so cute!