Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I have had a canker sore on the inside of my bottom lip for the past couple of weeks. I'm calling it a having-too-good-of-a-time-and-not-enough sleep sore. It's not catchy but that's what it is, more or less. 

At some point last week I remember thinking to myself that I had gone several nights with not enough sleep and hey I didn't feel horrible, maybe I've entered that age bracket where I need less sleep? And then my body was like, nope, and out popped a sore, and I could feel the week catching up to me and my body creaking to a slow stop. Nooooooppe. 

Weekdays are non-stop motion for work, chores and workouts, and weekends are lots of play, but also with a side of work and chores. I maayy have put an overflowing amount of stuff on my plate for these next few months. But I don't care, that's how it's going to be. I love summer so hard, I appreciate the people in my life, and I'm gonna take advantage of that extra sunlight. I'm pretty sure my body is solar-powered, so that should work out.

(Ahem. No one be surprised about that inevitable post where I'm like, umm can we hold up and pause everything so I can catch my breath? Okay, thanks. )

Basically I'm acting like I have a summer vacation, with all the stuff that's on my bucket list. Don't worry, I'll schedule some major downtime in there somewhere.  I didn't have an actual bucket list until I started writing this post, but now I've resolved to make one. So here it is!

1. Downtime: whatever that shall mean for me at the given moment. I would like finishing the book I'm reading to be a part of this.
2. Self-imposed no phone no internet times
3. Blueberry picking, peach picking, grape picking 
4. Several trips to the river
5. At least one trip to the beach
6. Many afternoons at the pool
7. Bourbon cocktails 
8. A lot of fruit crumble and crisps 
9. Get in great shape, hit some fitness goals, i.e. be able to do 10 double unders and 10 hand stand push ups 
10. Lexington weekend in July
11. Ellicott City weekend in August
12. Take Sloane to the Baltimore aquarium
13. Be fully present to enjoy the time that my parents are here
14. Do an excellent job on a freelance project coming up.
15. Get a night away with Ken for our anniversary
16. A massage
17. A lot of dance parties with Sloane
18. Discover areas in Richmond I've never been before.
19. HS girls reunion and meeting Hilary's man
20. Get comfortable with making pasta noodles from scratch. 

And I am already well on my way. This past weekend, I got in a blueberry crisp, a dance party with Sloane, and an afternoon at the pool, with the bonus being the really beautiful and fun wedding of our friends Diane and Tyler.  (Congrats guys!!)

Let's do this, summer!


  1. a. fantastic summer bucket list
    b. those photos of sloane in her bathing suit made me laugh audibly
    c. have you tried just muddling up some mint+bourbon+ ginger beer? it's the easiest thing for summer, also very delicious
    d. what a wonderful general conveyance of the lovely treats you are enjoying thoroughly a la family, friends, etc.
    e. hilary has a new man?!
    f. k, bye!

  2. sloane in that suit, please just stop

    and i need to be a part of these bourbon events

    and what is your freelance project?

  3. One of my summer bucket list is to visit Scotland, hopefully next summer.

  4. Another list is to see one of the grand slam tennis match.

  5. this post has so many good photos
    the ones of ken and sloane in the field are so sweet