Saturday, April 26, 2014


On the morning of Easter, I rolled over on the bed to my side to see my sleeping babe next to me. Her hair was rumpled, her eyelashes were like curtains underneath her eyelids and she smelled like warmth and sweet baby. As I watched her, she slowly opened her eyes and when she saw me, she smiled. ‘Mommy,’ she said. And reached up with her hands to pat my face and hold my hair.  We snuggled in bed together and I was awash with feelings of happiness and relief. It was the fourth night of our trip to California and it was the first night that she had slept through the entire night. After the first couple of nights of waking up at 2 and 3 AM and long days with short naps, we could see the time difference wearing on her. She got easily flustered, and we were all feeling the brunt of her frustration. Strategic planning is called for in such instances and after various interventions, we got her a full night’s of sleep and she seemed rehabilitated. There is nothing like a good night’s sleep and a thorough cuddle to soothe and revitalize the spirit, and I was entirely grateful for such a sweet moment in the midst of our trip. 

The day before Easter, we spent Saturday morning at the wonderful farmer’s market in the Ferry Building. You guys, if it weren't for time and toddler constrictions, I could have spent ALL DAY there. The whole thing was totally the jam on my peanut butter and jelly. But then there was also those moments of seeing Sloane get overjoyed about the seagulls flying around the pier. I don't know why this was a thing for her, she was just all about those birds and wanted to get as close as she could to them.  But the market - the pork belly, the perfect strawberries, the coffee, the oysters, the mushrooms, the little baby chicks, the apple chips - I was in farmer market heaven.  Later that day, we met up with Ken’s cousin and his family for more oysters at the Water Bar in Rincon Hill. I can't tell you how giddy it made me to see Sloane hanging out with her cousin, Elizabeth. We visited their church for Easter Sunday the next day and had ourselves a time lazing about in the green grass after service eating chocolate chip pancakes and watching flouncy-dressed babies look for easter eggs.


  1. That sweet memory comes after and after like a miracle cure in your life.
    Those mushrooms and tomatoes are so delightful.

  2. SF sounded like a grand trip. And these pictures are fantastic! Go you!

  3. that market looks awesome, it reminds me of pike place in seattle. have you been there?

  4. That first silvery blue photo of the bridge, and sloane pushing the stroller... icredible and precious.

    AND, your description of waking up next to her is just beautiful. Those well smithed words go a long way.