Monday, March 31, 2014


I spent this entire weekend wishing that it would stop raining, to absolutely no avail. But it didn't matter all that much because we were too busy celebrating a birthday, and a 21st birthday at that! Sure, a night out on the town got replaced by a couch viewing of Wreck it Ralph, but no one minded at all, and come on, have you seen this Wreck it Ralph movie? It had us laughing with the sheer glee of all its creativity while we stuffed ourselves with chocolate cake and sparkling wine. It was pretty darn fun. 

If I ever get in the mood to complain about my lot in life, I always do an about face when I remember the wonderful ladies that I know...including my cousin, Lois, who is turning a smart 21 years old today. A lady with depth of soul and empathy like the ocean, wonderful humor and an amazing set of dance moves. 


  1. I met her on Sunday! glad you got to celebrate together!

  2. Beautiful tulips! The pink blooming just fit to Lois.

  3. so beautiful: the ladies, sloanie, the food!
    wish i could ahve been there!!