Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Sloane started saying 'no' this past weekend and I know I won't feel this way for long but it is the cutest thing right now. She usually says it with a 'y' between the two letters, so what comes out is a squeaky 'NYOOOOO', said with such indignation and the firmest of insistence. I have to keep from dissolving into a fit of giggles because it is so darn cute. It's mostly funny because it doesn't seem like someone her size should be saying no with so much conviction and zest, but there she is.  Sometimes I'll make a learning moment but saying, 'Sloane can you say 'yes' instead?' And she will readily comply with a 'ISSS' and an enthusiastic nod of the head.

You see the table up there ? That's what happens every Thanksgiving at Ken's moms house and it is a tradition I am a fan of. I mean, who wouldn't be? She sets the table for a hot pot meal, which is similar to shabu shabu or fondue in that there is a pot of boiling broth in the middle of the table and lots of meats and vegetables that each person can put into the pot to cook. It was all so delicious; Sloane also approves.

Sloane loves visiting with her grandma and great grandma and it makes my heart glad to see all the love between them. 

In other news, she participates happily in the hip hip hoorays, which is what I shout out whenever I'm taking a photo of her these days to get that big sweet smile on her face.


  1. oh my - beautiful photos. she's such a happy baby!

  2. oh her coat! where is that from? also i am glad she wears the headband so much, i meant to give you the other one last night to keep till Eden can wear it. i have one in a green and blue color scheme!

  3. i don't know what's wrong with me, these sloanie photos make me so teary

    i love that one of her going to ken's momma

    gaaaah can't believe she! it's true, it prob will be aggravating at some point, but i, too cannot imagine it being anything but precious...

  4. p.s. YES! that spread was so great the one time i got to go!