Sunday, December 15, 2013


Have I mentioned I'm feeling festive? 
Have I also discussed how the busy schedule is catching up with me a wee bit? 
Those things are still true, but I'm also feeling that this is all going by too fast and the new and improved christmas-loving part of me wishes this all could go on for another month or so. The parties, the gold sparkle, the food, the decorations, the smell of pine, the anticipation of being with family, the music, even the shopping - if my body holds up and I get a little more sleep, I really think I could do this for a little longer than the ten days we have left.  But then again, the other day I said, "I can't wait for summer!!" Sadly and thankfully, time moves on, and I'm planning on being present for all of it. 

You guys, I made marshmallows! From scratch! I know!  It was much easier than I expected, more on this later, but I made the marshmallows spiced with ginger and cinnamon, then dunked it in dark chocolate and then dunked it in crumbled ginger cookies, for this party here.  If you've come wandering over here to look at pictures of lovely ladies eating delicious things, you've come to the right place.   It was a rainy night, and that set the mood for a perfect and cozy, food-eating, game-playing, baby cuddling, egg-nog drinking night with some really fun ladies. The rest of this post is going to be a gazillion photos because my brain is clocking out as we speak and I am going to dive into bed, but enjoy!


  1. what a lovely idea. we always cater our holiday party and for our ladies night, we go out. i love the idea of pot luck tho.
    and can't wait to read a post on the marshmallows!

  2. it was such a fun time, especially when we were using each other's limbs to act things out.

  3. as usual, your photos make me feel like i was there.

    even though i was there

  4. aww you're not in any of the pictures!

  5. also, i read your whole post before looking at pictures and was intensely looking for your marshmellows dunked in dark chocolate, but couldn't find it! till I realized you also said they were covered in graham crackers. can you tell I'm really into those marshmellows? i can't wait for baking time with you next week!

  6. So very sad to not have been there. Everything looks wonderful! I am pleased that I feel like I can almost pick out who brought each dish.

    And I ditto everyone else, I'm excited about these marshmallows.