Tuesday, September 24, 2013


last friday was one of those nights where the air was perfectly still, as in wait, are we really outside? still.  i'm resolved, you hear? to spend as much time outdoors as possible in these early fall days when it's still possible to go somewhere after a work day and join in on the chorus line of 'oh I loovee fall'. (I REALLY REALLY do! but summer, why did you have to leave me...).   hardywood brewery is a nice space for such resolve. i was hoping to get my paws on some of their hardywood bourbon GBS that is apparently out now (it's a gingerbread stout aged in virginia bourbon barrels!) but they were out, so another trip is in the near future. 

we had a slew of visitors -both expected and unexpected- descend upon richmond for various reasons. this particular friday night we sat around drinking beer, catching up, eyeballing the babies - you know, the usual.

some other things that are only partially related:

- it is unbearable being at work these days. I dunno what it is, but so be it, Fridays are my finish line. to give you some insight into my weekdays these days- everyday, I think, 'oh wait, is TODAY friday?'
- I straightened my hair for the first time in months. this revealed that my hair is even longer than i thought it was. and while on this topic, i tried a sample of living proof's no frizz nourishing styling cream and i'm into it.
- at one point during this evening, i turned around for five seconds and when i looked back down to where sloane should have been she was gone and had made her jiffy way over to a curb ten feet away. this girl is getting to be quick. don't parents get an extra set of eyeballs to put on their heads when their child gets to be of a certain age or something? no??

okay i know this is a werid photo and it was accidental, but i like it.


  1. i am with you about the summer. i think though, if fall remained 70-degree clear days with cool crisp air, i would be ok with summer ending.

  2. yay this was such a fun start to our RVA weekend :)