Monday, June 10, 2013


Fact: I have been eating way too much pie recently.  Most of it has to do with this pie themed baby shower that I threw this past Saturday. Some of it has to do with all the leftover pizza (pie!) from the deck-building activities from that very same day.  I will not tell you exactly how much pie I've been eating because that is just embarrassing, but I will share some photos from the shower. 

Mimi was the lady of the hour, and we are so excited to meet her little girl. We asked guests to sign children's books instead of a card, so I wanted to keep that in the theme, but thought it would be fun to be even more specific with the food, so I went with a pie bar.  Let's be real, I love pie. I was so into this. There was savory ham and cheese pie, galettes, different kinds of fruit pies, and chocolate whoopie pies.  My sister helped me round up a bunch of children's books from the library about pies (there are so many! and I had such a good time reading them). For refreshments, I cored and pureed two halves of a watermelon, filled the empty halves back with the puree and set out soda water, ginger ale, lemonade and mint so that each guest could make their own watermelon (virgin) cocktails. Those drinks were refreshing! 

And now...for the cutest pictures ever....

I MEAN......


  1. what a cute theme. love those bottom pics!

  2. Great party theme! I want to go make pies now :) Great photos!!!!!!

  3. sloane is so lucky to have these to look back on! and the pies look fabulous

  4. get out of here with all that pie! And sloane and loh are way too sweet together! love it