Monday, April 8, 2013


I had a little get together a few weeks ago where friends brought pieces of songs/music/poems that they love or created for the purposes of sharing, and it was something kind of wonderful. Here is what I learned:

1-  Being in a creative space -  a space where people are talking about creativity, how they want to be creative, their creative aspirations, why creativity is important, and what they have created - can re-energize the soul. 

2 -  There is this innate belief that we have as humans, that when you are vulnerable, you are also your true self – sincere, genuine. Even though exposing your creative soul can be a scary thing, it is brilliant for its potential to forge real connections between people. Connections that occur, joyfully, easily, because you can see that what they are communicating to you is something of their true nature, without pretense or branding. There is a kind of solidarity that happens, of personhood, wherein we rally together to say that we are passionate and we are moved. That even though it is hard to both pursue and stay in the moment, we are trying, together.

3 - I absolutely love being in this kind of space.

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  1. what a great opportunity you created for some lovely people