Monday, April 1, 2013


I had grand plans to engage in some sort of Easter craft this past weekend, maybe Easter egg piñatas, at least some egg dyes, but it fell behind the list of things like spending hours watching the baby pull herself up onto anything that would let her, which was highly entertaining, and taking a shower, which was highly necessary. There was nary a colored egg in the house, but I’m pretty sure no one minded. Food for thought though, am I going to be the kind of mother who goes all out and makes Easter baskets for her kids? Or will I be the kind of mom who rolls her eyes at the commercialization of Easter and explains to her kids that it’s all a ruse? It could go either way! K.’s mother and grandmother came into town, and from all the extra love and attention Sloane was getting I’m sure she knew something was up. K. and I spent a minute on Sunday morning explaining to Sloane the meaning of Easter, not that she understood, but more as a habit for her parents to get used to sitting down and explaining things like that to her, and note to selves: we need the practice.

One of the most memorable things to me from my childhood about Easter were the plays about the crucifixion and resurrection that always went on during this time, and also, the Easter outfits. More than other church-related holidays, Easter outfits are a thing, right? Living in a house with two sisters, I remember new dresses, (sometimes matching!) and I have vague memories of flouncing about in the feeling of newness and spring. I’m glad it’s still a thing because I got a kick out of all the little people dressed in Easter outfits at church yesterday, and an even bigger kick out of dressing my baby in pastel and floral. My parents sent us a Happy Easter email that said, “May the promise of new life, hope, and joy fill your heart on Easter season!” and it had a picture of Sloane attached to it. Even though it was a grey, cloudy, rainy Easter, seeing all the babes dressed like spring, and seeing my new baby full of life and wonder, made this Easter feel extra special.


  1. Sloane's floral outfit is a perfect for Easter. She stands holding her crib. She is growing.