Monday, February 4, 2013


Sometimes your youngest sister tells you that she is growing up and you nod your head and say ‘yes, yes, why of course’ but then you find yourself in certain moments when she’s telling you about a delicious recipe for so-and-so that she has tried and found successful, or when she is discussing the seating arrangement for her wedding, or when she is so sympathetically listening to what life is like with a baby, and it makes you start a little bit, and ponder on how strange and wonderful it is to constantly rediscover this person who is so familiar, so a part of you, and yet doing some marvelous growing all on her own. I am thankful to know this lovely lady, proud to have her as a sister, and glad that her and her fellow are a part of our lives.

Pictured above: my sister, Eunice, her fiancé, Val, and my baby, Sloane.

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  1. seconding this wonderful and true ode to chicky, her future husband, and always, a tiny sloanie, perfect in every way