Wednesday, February 27, 2013


About a month ago, while my mom was still here and available to babysit, the husband and I ran out for a quick dessert date, after which I concluded that I LOVE dessert dates, and decided to make this sort of thing a regular habit in our romantic lives. It’s wonderful because we don’t end up spending as much as we would on an entire meal out, we get to try the desserts at a restaurant, which we rarely do due to being stuffed with other foods, and a fancy cocktail, at that! Somehow our dessert date felt more like a date than a dinner date usually does. Maybe it’s because it’s an indulgence, out of the routine, but whatever it is, I like it. We went to Balliceaux, which is one of my favorite places to go in the fan area to feel fancy - they have good music and dancing on the weekends! the food is good! the atmosphere is both mod and cozy!

And because sometimes I like listing the things that we tried at a restaurant if they were impressive – blood orange sorbet, omg, thumbs up to the negroni, which was really strong. Grapefruit infusion? Rosemary syrup? I'm in.

The actual thing that I wanted to write here in the mood of a dear diary is that, ahem, “dear diary, I just went on a fabulous date with this amazing guy! He was attentive, clear-eyed, intelligent, and handsome. We had great conversation. I liked his olive green jacket and the way he let me take pictures of the sorbet before we ate it, even though it was melting. He made me laugh, looked at me, I mean really looked at me, and I felt close to him. I think I would definitely go out with him again!"

Ta-da! Here we are. These are the type of photos that we are going to look back on and be like, oh look! That's us on a date 6 months after we had a baby looking like we are pretty pleased with ourselves about having a baby in our lives but also excited to get away for an hour or two. ...


  1. What a date! delightful! oh yes, and sorbet is always good on any occasion.

  2. Way to keep falling in love: with each other, this particular moment of your lives, and the blessed RVA.