Monday, January 14, 2013


It seems like I am on a run of downer posts, but you know what, sometimes you can only write the most honest things when you are feeling sort of glum. And it matters most that my voice is true. It is true that today I played a sort of pathetic game with myself, where I would close my eyes and try to most accurately guess the time. I don’t know why I did this, because when there is a need to play such a game, it’s discouraging at best, but that’s what happened today.  

It has been a mild winter, but it seems unavoidable, the lack of sun has finally caught up with me and I find myself a prisoner to these January-March months.  I don’t think like this all the time, because there are things to look forward to in these next few months, but something about not getting enough sunlight puts me in a dream-like haze where I visualize that I am behind the prison bars of winter-dom. This is not drama, it’s description! I know I’m not alone in this. I was looking forward to this past weekend to get some sun time, but as it happened, it was grey, gloomy and cloudy, and that and some other physical factors, helped ease me into this sort of glumness. And Monday, did you really have to be so grey and gloomy and glum? Did ya? 

After leaving work, then a round about of errands, I got my baby, came home, nursed, changed baby, broke a wine glass, stepped on a piece of glass, made Brussels sprout chips, played with baby, roasted lemons, fed baby avocado, made chicken with butter/stock/lemon/olive sauce, ate entire pan of Brussels sprouts chips while watching baby play, roasted some more Brussels sprouts - among other things. That picture up there is that of aforementioned chips. They are salty goodness. I may have overdone the salt, which may have led to overeating and I will do an extra ten pushups tonight. You see? It's not a downer post after all - I cooked instead of asking K. to pick something up, I picked up the pieces of the broken wine glass instead of pretending it wasn't there, and Sloane was wildly pleased with my rendition of 'Doh, a deer' - all terrific wins. No matter how defeatist my sleep-deprived bod, I choose this over anything else if it means I end my day practicing kisses with baby and getting cuddles from the sweetest urchin I know. Fortified with her smiles, I shall press on, and work-week, you will be mine.