Tuesday, January 1, 2013


i love everything about new york city and its surrounding areas, i always have and i always will. it also helps that it's where some of my favorite people live so it goes without saying that i get excited for any opportunity to go up there. this most recent opportunity, however, didn't turn out quite as planned, and to make a long story short, it took us 12 hours (in the pouring rain) to make it up there (yes, with a 5 month old baby in the car), and then another 11 or so hours to get back down. this was all in order to spend a whopping 36 hours in the city (or more accurately, long island city & williamsburg). needless to say, we were a tad bit traumatized by the ordeal and promised ourselves that we would either fly or plan for a longer trip next time. lesson learned. and you know what, as rough as it was, it was worth it for me to see these lovely faces - our friends brian and saena, and my sister, sharon and her man, paul. plus, sloane got her first whiff of the city.

 the trip included eating leftovers, playing games, getting a tibetan massage, eating at momofuku ssam bar, stopping in at a milk bar, seeing my sister's place for the first time, checking out their pocket of w-burg, and a place called videology, and stopping by for some dim sum in bay ridge on our way out, which was delicious.


  1. my thoughts in a nutshell:
    i love that you were here. sad that it was so short. sloane makes me do all kinds of smiles. and cry when she does. the picture of b holding sloane by the tree makes me giddy. sharon gets prettier every time i see her. and that last picture leaves me speechless!

  2. woohoo, a videology mention & our bathroom manatee gets a spotlight moment! a good day for bk on moozie's blog

    that photos of saena holding sloanie while she heals brian a la television evangelist style is just TOO MUCH