Tuesday, October 30, 2012


we went out of town this weekend (sloane’s first overnight trip!) and it was the most amount of good for seeing friends and new babies, but also just right for a trip to a farm on a bright grey fall afternoon. if you don’t know this about me already, i’m a sucker for almost any kind of event that happens outside especially if the weather is agreeable, so the outdoor fall celebration happening at cox farms is my totally my steez. yes, steez.

pumpkins, apples, kettle corn, barnyard animals, tiny tikes, corn maze, kitschy set-ups…it was a party for my eyeballs and i took a lot of photos, so I’ll share some with you here. we went there with our babies but didn’t end up taking too many pictures of them because they both ended up passing out. and maybe because i’m really tired right now but i feel like i have vague and sweet memories of falling asleep while being carried, you know, from when i was a baby. which is probably not a real memory, and more like a wish.

is this tree half empty or half full

i spy...captain america!

it's like a pumpkin musuem

look at 'em 'kins shaped like swans!

got one

he is real suspicious of all the large pumpkins swinging around

anxious about you know what

piglets and their swirly tales

eyelash envy

bunnies and...abe lincoln?

i would like all these crates to take home

really is there anything pretier


exploring a corn maze

these stalks provide such great backdrop

with jaina - mamas and friends!

as we were leaving i noticed king kong waving us goodbye.

goodbye kong, goodbye..we had a great time!


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  2. So many different kinds of pumpkins, colorful pigs, and everything else make a great fall scene. I like the picture of three of you.