Friday, October 19, 2012


OH BOY, Friday! Am I glad to see you!

This week S. started up some sort of funk with her sleep, meaning, she realized how to cry, and I mean really cry. It’s as if she didn’t know what full out wailing was until this week, and once she realized she could do it, she went for it. All out. Her new-found enthusiasm for this, and her deciding that she would like to be held while she is sleeping thank-you-very-much, meant much less sleep for the rest of us. The first part of the week saw me maybe 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night, and I may have teetered close to the edge of a crazy-lady vibe. We tried to make a few changes – daycare said they’d try to keep her up during the day for longer, I nursed her skin-on-skin for her last feeding, k. had her fall asleep on his chest, etc. – and it seems to have made things a little better. Last night I clocked in a good 5.5 hours - GLORYGLORY. Yes, the lack of sleep catches up to you and puts a shroud of sleepiness that usually puts me in a full out cranky pants mood, but one look at our tiny dragon’s smile and my cranky pants are off. And then I probably forget to put on other pants. Story of my recent life.

So you see why I am overly enthused about the weekend. It means I get to be with S. and K. for longer bouts of time, that maybe I’ll get a couple extra hours of sleep here and there, and it means time with friends. This weekend is yet another one bursting full of plans and I am glad for it.

And to carry us out, some paintings by Holly Farrell. I know…paintings! I adore the very simple and straightforward take on everyday household objects – the simplicity and the vintage style elevates the mundane into something beautiful and worth staring at.


  1. oh yeah, thank the Lord for the extra even 1/2 hour of sleep. keep it up momma!

  2. That chair is one of the things I want for our living room!

  3. That chair is one of the things I want for our living room!

  4. "5 hours GLORY GLORY" ... i cannot imagine a world where 5 hrs a night is a blessing. You and Ken are incredibly patient and loving parents.