Thursday, October 25, 2012


gosh dang it. those trees get me every time. 

i usually get home earlier than k. and so sloane and i sat on the porch to take stock of these trees and wait for k. to get home. once he did, we snapped some photos. 

Sloane's hair has been doing this thing lately where it's flat in the front and a crazy party in the back.
work it, little lady.


  1. ooo set up auto and take a cute family fall photo :)

  2. love how you can have a family photo session right in front of your house!

    btw i was looking at your old baking soda post and at the time my wu tang clan name was awesome dominator, now it's phantom killah and val's is mighty ambassador. good times:)

  3. what in the world is chicky talking about?

    great photo of both ken and sloanie, second to last

  4. oh, Right the back yard trees!
    They are coloring, too.

    haha, Sloane's hair is exactly like yours, except yours was all up both and back.