Friday, September 14, 2012


I was at Target the other day and feel like I should share that they have their fall stuff trickling in and so much  of it is super cute. Most notably, there were these ponchos that I kind of fell in love with because I love the idea of ponchos - I automatically picture some rustic scene where I am coming out of a woodsy cabin or walking onto a beach at dawn where it is just chilly enough to throw on a blanket with buttons on it. Also, I get nostalgic for that crisp, fresh air smell and then I'm craving a campfire, real bad. I especially liked this particular poncho because it was a southwestern print with a flair - neon! and triangles! I'm into it. I didn't end up getting it though because I couldn't justify even an extremely really reasonably-priced poncho seeing as I will probably not wear this enough. The poncho-wearing thing is a delicate balance of appropriate place/body type/length/style/use - a poncho can go horribly wrong, I've seen it happen.  I'd limit my poncho-wearing mostly to sitting by the campfire type activities but my camping days will be put on a brief hiatus while Sloane does a little more growing up...maybe next year. And yes, that is Sloane in a carseat/stroller with me in the dressing room at Target. See? I'm still getting my Target shopping on, but now with baby in tow.

Sloane liked the poncho. too.

You know how I told you that I'm into Siggi's yogurt? Well I'm trying their orange & ginger right now one and it actually has little pieces of ginger something all up in it. Super fancy. I can't decide if I like this flava. To be determined.

And let's give it up for Friday! Even though I'm on maternity leave, I'm just as happy that it is Friday because 1) I'm happy for all ya'lls working folk, especially those of you that have had tough weeks, and 2) the plans for this weekend are plentiful and most of them involve spending time with friends.

And now let me do one of those posts that have a bunch of links in it because I have goodies to share.

Check it.

1. I need to lead with this because I can't stop thinking about these cookies. Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies?? Are you serious?!
2. I'm all about dewy make-up and make-up how-tos. I also dig make-up reviews.
3. I love this site so much. It makes my heart swell for RVA. See if your city has one!
4. Did I already tell you how excited I am about fall? Also, I am extremely excited about apple picking.This homemade apple crisp recipe is stoking the fire. Which reminds me, I need to get me a mandolin.
5. My eyeballs are soaking in all the details of this house renovation/design. Gawd, the details!
6. Another pretty Southwestern print.
7. How stellar are these planet lollipops.
8. I love this mobile, so hard.

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