Monday, August 20, 2012


My parents are in town for the week, and this past weekend, my sisters came into town as well, so that we could all be together and celebrate Sloane. It is a big deal when my family can get together because my parents have to trek their way from S. Korea to be here, and my sisters have to come in from their respective east coast cities, despite busy schedules and travel issues.  It made my heart so so glad to have them all here this past weekend. I can't think of anything better than having my family meet and love on Sloane, and I only wish we all had more time together!

my parents: they are the cutest

sloane with her grandpa

with grandma

lots of cuddles

yes, that's a teeny tutu


i love these dahlias

with husband + sloane

eunice and val

aunt eunice! 

pass the baby

my sisters

sloane taking in aunt sharon


1 comment:

  1. the only thing wrong w/ this post is that it doesn't show off your cute house

    i miss everyone so much already
    (including/especially sloanie and her baby smell)