Saturday, August 25, 2012


S. is actually 3 weeks today, but this picture is from when she is 2 weeks old.

At 2 weeks
she makes sounds like a baby dinosaur when she wakes up and
 forms her mouth like a baby bird when she is hungry.

Her eyes are liquid black and she stares into faces and cranes her neck
 to catch glimpses of we're not sure what. 
She has a yawn the size of a hippo's!

She has long toes and fingers and the chub cheeks that are perfect for hundreds of kisses

She is an efficient eater (so says the pediatrician), she doesn't cry for long, and she is already strong.

At 3 weeks
her voice is a little stronger, her coos are expressive, and she swivels her head from side to side.

Her little hands have started to clutch to things like people's shirts, and she seems more aware of sounds.

She is easily consoled. She is warm and sweet when I wake her, 
and she stretches her arms and arches her back while she is waking up. 
It's my favorite thing right now.

I love her to pieces.