Thursday, July 26, 2012


I took a couple of days off of work (and yes I'm back working again today) because for one, I needed the days off, and two, I figured (hoped? expected?) the baby would come - you know, with all my positive thinking and walking and all that. Yesterday, I ran some errands and ended up at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - visiting the museum isn't something I got to do for the whole year that we lived so close to it, and since I needed to walk, where better to hang out than a huge museum with lots of square feet of space meant just for that - meandering? I got tired pretty quickly because my feet felt swollen and refused to participate in a long afternoon of museum exploring, but I still got a good hour in and spent most of it on the 2nd floor, mostly with Neo-expressionists and Egyptian/Roman art. I shall come back with baby in tow to explore the 3rd floor.

View out from the cafe.

Orange shells.

Guards of the paintings

What a lovely deck you have.

I love this painting - have to go back to remember the name of the artist.

I was held captive by how striking and creepy this piece was in person. It's by Julian Schnabel, titled 'Understanding Self-Hate (1981)', oil and collaged fabric on velvet.

wall painting

I stared and thought for a while at how the lighting on this piece matters quite a bit.

This is a portrait painting from the late 3rd-4th century from Rome, called "Faiyum Portrait of a Woman, done by the encaustic technique, in which pigment was added to heated beeswax and applied to a wooden panel. Isn't it fantastic?

She is way too comfortable in there....

Sculpture garden. I wanted to walk on the stones in the water.

Then I came home and ate a bowl of cherries.
The end.


  1. VMF got changed a lot. They have got new art works now. I need to see them. You had a pretty good day!
    Yea. the belly looks still up.

  2. Did I tell you how thankful I am for your blogging? It makes me feel normal about my pregnancy. I swear my feet HATE when I go walking. It seems that anyone who shares their pregnancy with me, it's like they don't experience all the little annoyances. Anyway, thanks, and love the museum pix!

  3. Peter Sekwang KimJuly 28, 2012 at 3:58 AM

    Not today? call and sing for sloane
    Happy Birthday on the 29th Birthday!,,
    Have a great and blessed year with Ken anf Sloane to the next birthday

    Love and miss