Saturday, July 28, 2012


 owl from hilz is hanging on the door of the nursery 

this waiting is really. hard.
i'm grateful that she got to stay in for the full 40 weeks. i'm glad she's healthy.
but i'm surprised to find that after the so-called due date, which i knew was not going to be totally accurate anyways, something clicked in my brain where the waiting became 10x harder.
before the due date, there was a foreseeable end time.
 but now, it's anyone's guess and it can really happen at anytime.
the not-knowing is what's kind of driving me crazy.
k. and i are unwillingly obsessed with talking about when it will happen.
i feel like i'm about to take a big trip, a trip that's going to forever change my life, but i have to wait around to find out when to board the plane, and each day of waiting feels extra long.

in the meanwhile, i'm trying to live life as normal, working from home,  enjoying my husband and doing things like attempting to walk/dance/love this baby out.

happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Oh, lovely owl, a symbol of wisdom.
    Wisdom is kind of precious stone, which does take a long, long period of time to be shaped.

  2. Peter Sekwang KimJuly 28, 2012 at 3:50 AM

    christine. waiting is like hope in character. nice cafe and arts!, I showed ur pictures to granma. love

  3. oh c, waiting is extra time to get really excited for the next step. i love you! keep pushing along my friend.