Thursday, July 12, 2012


Being at work this week has been rough! mostly because it is going by extremely slow. Like a snail, on a turtle’s back, with no agenda. On Wednesday I felt sure that it had already been a full week, but it hadn’t. There was nothing particularly wrong or different about work this week, but it must have something to do with how antsy I’m getting, even more than I realize. My head is definitely someplace else, and it’s one of those things where you look at the clock and see 10:21 AM, only to look back at it 3 minutes later thinking tons of time has gone by and see that it’s only 10:24 AM. Yeah, brutal. What totally helps is the downtime between the work hours, and yesterday we enjoyed a slow and peaceful dinner outdoors because the air was so nice, and not horridly hot. We don’t have a deck yet so we’ve been doing our grilling out from our garage and Rusty usually hangs out with K. while he grills. Yesterday, I decided to join them and we didn’t feel ready to go back inside so we ate our food outside while gazing at the tall trees, spotting deer, and throwing Rusty pieces of shrimp.


  1. i love those spindly-solemn trees behind your house

  2. ha!
    Is it your first cookout at your new house? In Korea, they would make deck for free.

  3. Rusty is off lease!! On the garage?