Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Something about having the growing baby makes me feel really enthusiastic about cupcakes. Prior to pregnancy, I liked cupcakes well enough but usually wouldn’t be able to eat a whole one. These days, I stare at a box of four and feel positive that I could devour them all in one sitting. I’m a big fan of Pearl’s Cupcakes here in Richmond, especially their Double Trouble (chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting) and C is for Cupcake (vanilla-brown sugar cake with chocolate chip cookies baked throughout the batter, topped with cream cheese frosting and a mini homemade chocolate chip cookie). But also recently, we stopped by Frostings so that I could get my lemon cupcake fix and my oh my, that was a good fix. Their Lemon Bliss (Lemon cake, fresh lemon curd filling, lemon cream cheese frosting) is so dang good I know I’m going to end up going there again this week to go get another one!

Also, in cupcake-related form, have you heard about the Lemon Drop at Cappellino’s Crazy Cakes in Charlottesville, VA? Apparently, several (19) overdue pregnant ladies went into labor shortly after having their Lemon Drop cupcake. Myth, coincidence, or lore – who knows, but I’m not opposed to trying it later down the road if I get desperate.

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