Monday, July 23, 2012


five things from this past weekend: 1. window spy/ 2. long lashes look good on everyone/ 3. brunch at CanCan/ 4. street art/ 5. currently reading

Since my due date is this week, I decided that this past weekend was the time to start doing all the things that are thought to help move labor along.  On Saturday we took a couple of long walks, ate spicy chicken wings, and had some sexy time. On Sunday, we walked around Carytown after brunch, had some curry for dinner, ate an entire pineapple, and bounced around on my exercise ball. I’ve also been diligent about taking evening primrose oil supplements and drinking raspberry leaf tea.  Our bags are packed and we are ready for this baby to come!


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  2. i read npr books about bringing up bebe. It sounds good. In fact, it is similar to my upbringing you girls.