Monday, June 25, 2012


Whenever we go to Ikea, it always seems like we never have enough time. There is tons to see and oh so many things to discover and then deliberate over to decide whether to buy it or not, even though it is not what you came to Ikea for in the first place. Almost everything is fair game, in that it looks like it should be taken home and used for some extremely functional piece of your home.  In other words, justifying Ikea pieces is way too easy. So it is mayhaps a good thing that we were rushed because we could only stick to what was on our list.  But also, we didn’t want to make any decisions based on hunger-driven-delusions, so we tried their meatballs for the first time (pretty good) and I happily discovered their elderberry drink in a juice box. I very much like elderberry in drink form, so I found and purchased an elderberry concentrate that they had in their grocery section with which to make an elderberry+pellegrino concoction which will henceforth be my packing-and-moving-week’s cocktail.

You know what else is good for aid in packing? Well, a whole week off of work would make me feel like a rockstar, but that isn’t happening. What I can easily make happen is tunes to make your booty move a little quicker between the boxes and put some pep in your step when you get sick of packing. I love making summer ‘mix tapes’ – music that highlights/describes the feeling of how great summer can be. You know, songs that you want to play while driving away from your metaphorical last day of school, towards the beach, with the top and windows down, sunshine screaming and music blasting every which way. And then songs that you play for perfect summer nights, with warm winds and good friends on a front porch, sipping on something cold.  In honor of those things, I compiled a short list for 2012's first few weeks of summer, mostly inspired by NPR's All Songs Considered podcast:

1. Bright Whites - Kishi Bashi
2. Threads - Now, Now
3. I Love It - Icona Pop
4. Fire's Highway - Japandroids
5. Shades of Love - Sumeo
6. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson
7. Say I Wanna Know - Nick Waterhouse
8. Adventures in Your Own Backyard - Patrick Watson
9. Spiritualized - Hey Jane
10. Nothing like You and I - The Perishers

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